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You feel that you want to be useful in some way? Give back to the world, get involved in matters that matter? Contribute to society? Thankfully your search led you to project Growing Up.

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As you can read on our website Growing Up creates customized, educational programs to teach young people how to deal with growing up in their individual environments as well as in this rapid changing world (wide web).

Our foundation is growing; more and more international organisations are reaching out to us and want to implement our program. And that is where you come in!

For all you driven volunteers from the age 21 and up we provide a “train the trainer” program. A six day training where we equip you with all the right tools you’ll need during your time abroad. We will educate and coach you to be a professional, voluntary and independent Growing Up trainer. You will be able to give our students the right tools to go through life without being insecure, self-conscious or clueless about their own body and feelings. To be able to teach this to others, we believe it starts with getting to know yourself first. So your training will be all about building your (self)confidence, creating sexual awareness, seeking adventure and helping others who wish to do the same.

After successfully completing the training you can go abroad and teach our program. But before you reach one of our Growing Up destinations there are tons of arrangements that will require your attention. We will assist you with these preparations. Remember Growing Up always emphasis on confidence and independence, to make sure you have all the knowledge for a safe and organized journey. Visa request, insurance and networking are a few of the topics we cover.

The duration of the train the trainer program may vary. Depending on the length of your stay and amount of subjects you wish to teach. The longer you plan to stay, or the more topics you wish to teach, the longer our guidance of course. In all programs, no matter how long, we always focus on your personal qualities, your ambitions and your independent ability to make this a successful adventure!

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