Our policy

Project Growing Up is a nongovernmental organisation (NGO). That means that we are not an organisation that strives for profit. We are independent from states and international governmental organisations. Our activities include education and development work. Our work is on an international scale.

Funds and finances

The capital of Project Growing Up is uphold by: -grants and other contributions;  -donations, testamentary dispositions and legacies; -and all other acquisitions and benefits.


The organisation is run by volunteers. We do everything to keep the organisations cost as low as possible. This way the largest part of all donations can go to the welfare work. Marketing and communication recourses, event and office supply costs are (part) donated by sponsors or business partners of Project Growing Up. We also try to keep the costs during the trainings abroad as low as possible. We do this by asking the local organisation to arrange accommodation and meals for the trainers. The trainers pay their own travelling cost, visa and insurance.

Our board and other volunteers invest their time and creativity voluntarily. The Board is authorized to aquire, sell or encumber registered goods and to enter into agreements whereby the Foundation binds itself as surety or several co-debtor, makes for a third party or provides security for the debt of another.

The board is unsalaried. Costs can be refunded on production of supporting documents. We believe in a open financial house holding. This stimulates the organisation to stay focussed on the in and outgoing funds. We want our donators to know where their money is going and believe every donation has to be used as effective as possible.

For more detailed information check our annual reports or our business plan (the English version will follow later this year).